Ruby Leave Kaleeray

Ruby Leave

The Ruby Leave base is rose wood painted with red acrylic paint. This piece is decorated with 42 squares and 6 gold-leaves shaped semi-precious stones and hundreds of little tiny gold beads.   

When I first sketched out this design in my “Book of Ideas” I had no idea this piece would become one of our most popular pieces.

Rose Fields Kaleeray

Rose Fields

The dome shapes used for the Rose Fields piece was carved from a solid piece of rose wood to make a light yet strong structure.

Over 140 red paper roses are used to cover the domes. Threaded through are crystals of dulled gold as a trimming which really brings out the beauty of the roses.

Gold Gems Kaleeray

Gold Gems

The Gold Gems are one of my favourite pieces, time consuming and demanding great patience, but 100% rewarding to see the end piece – Elegant Gold Gems!

To acquire the strong yet light structured base I used a carved dome from a piece of European beech wood. For the base I used Egyptian Gold watered down acrylic paint.

Over 350 gold gems and 41 small gold spheres were affixed to on each dome.

To finish off 9 golden bells are sandwiched between each gold sphere.

Wild Roses Kaleeray

Wild Roses

For the Wild Roses, the dome is carved from a solid piece of rosewood. The Azarian Red acrylic paint was applied in multiple coats to give a rich deep hue to the base. Burgundy red roses with forest green leaves have been applied and then finished off with Crystal Diamantés.

Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems

Bouquet of Roses

Bouquet of Roses